This is Camera Trap Image Processing Software.
The software is written in Java so you need to have the JDK to install it.
If you are using the version that uses batch files (as written in the manual) the assumption is you are using the software with Windows.

This software if for detecting crossings of linear features, such as fences.
Camera Trap Software for linear feature crossings - Uploaded August 2016

Camera Trap Manual - A brief walkthrough for using the program

Thanks to Alberta Parks for funding this program
This software if for detecting the best image from each sequence that corresponds to a unique event
Camera Trap Software for identifying best image in each event

Updated version that fixes some bugs and improves moving files (May 2018)
Corresponding instructions for the May 2018 version

Thanks to The Alberta Conservation Association for funding this program.

Event Finder Suite - May 2020

We have expended our software to handle a camera trap image processing workflow. This software is our current work in progress. It includes four main programs:
Download the EventFinder Suite
Corresponding instructions for the May 2020 version

These instructions are also a work in progress, but we throught you would prefer some imperfect instructions rather than no instructions at all.

If you use this software in your research please let me know. I would really appreciate knowing this software if being used.